De-stress, No Matter Where You Are

A crazy job, a frenetic schedule, caring for the house and kids... Your life is chaotic, and can wreak havoc if you don't take a little time for yourself. Soothe away stress with these do-anywhere tension tamers.

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1. Mindful Meals: Instead of wolfing down your lunch while standing in the kitchen or sitting at your desk, take 10 minutes to eat mindfully. Smell your food before you begin and chew each bite several times, savoring the taste. Allowing your senses to rise to the surface gives your mind a much-needed break. And what better to focus on than delicious, sustaining food? It's much more fun than staring at a spreadsheet!

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2. Mantra Meditation: To Western ears, "mantra" is synonymous with "mission statement." But it's a tool that's been used for thousands of years to help cultivate peace of mind. Choose a word or phrase that is meaningful and melodious - such "love," "peace," or "amen" (or whatever resonates with you) - and repeat it silently or audibly whenever you need a gentle reminder to savor the moment.

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3. Take a Mental Vacation: When you need to deflate stress, treat yourself to a vacation that's all in your head: Close your eyes and imagine a relaxing place, such as a beach, a mountain view, or a relaxing spa retreat. Notice everything you can about your spot. What can you see and smell? The more vivid a picture you paint in your mind, the more your body will respond to the invitation to relax.

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4. Follow Your Intuition: Everyone has a gut instinct, but when our lives are fully scheduled, it doesn't get the space it needs to rise to the top. Taking a walk with no particular destination in mind can help you get in touch with this inner wisdom. At every corner, ask yourself which way you should go, and follow whatever hunch you get. You might just be delighted with where you end up and what you experience along the way.

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5. Uncork a Bottle of Wine:
No one wants to complain too much, but a healthy amount of vocalizing your thoughts about things that are bothering you is a great stress release - it gets what's troubling you out of your head so you can stop dwelling and start moving forward. Make a date with a friend to take turns venting. When you're the listener, don't commiserate or offer advice. Just be an attentive audience. If you don't want to vent to someone else, write in your journal.

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