In Defense of Old People Bad Odors

As a retired American Nurse, America used to have the best medical care for her people in the World, but not in the last 30 years from what i have seen. Many times Doctors and Nurses come here because of a better lifestyle but have no grasp of the culture or its language and mistakes get made and humans die.

I read this article about how the elderly have bad smells. How condescending to our elders. China honors their elderly because the older humans have life experience and can teach the young ones how to live well.

Dental health is the best indicator of overall health. Dentures do cause an bad odor because of the vast amount of bacteria in a human's mouth. Many Countries cultures do not kiss anyone but their marriage partner. The reason is obvious. Saliva carries diseases and so does blood.

As humans age, their bladder muscle weakens and they are prone to infections. Use white non perfumed toilet paper and women need to wipe from the front to the back while sitting on the toilet. Men need to wipe well and may need to run clean water over themselves then dry well. Bladder infections make the genitals stink. See a doctor is this happens. It causes pain and burning.

Underarms smell on most humans from hair and sweat. Hair carries tons of germs so wash it daily if possible. See your doctor and if you do not like what they tell you get a better one. Realize they are service providers. You are paying them so make sure you are happy.
There is an over the counter medication called Chlorophyll that decreases normal body odors.
Most elderly people have sensitive skin and need to rinse their washed clothing twice. Too many additives in food cause body odors as do the many medications.
They can wash their hair with a washcloth in warm water and take sponge baths if pain causes them not to take care of themselves. Media needs to teach others how to respect out Fathers and Mothers. They gave us life and upbringing when we were helpless and usually care more for their children than strangers do any day.
Dandelion leaves are rich in vitamin A