Diet Foods You Should Skip

Try sushi with brown rice next time.Try sushi with brown rice next time.Just because food looks healthy, doesn't mean it is. Registered dietician Rachel Beller, MS, who served as a nutritional expert on NBC's The Biggest Loser, performs her patented "food autopsies" in her new book Eat To Lose, Eat To Win-and offers up healthy alternatives. From sushi to salad, Rachel debunks five major diet food myths.

By Michelle Ruiz

Skip: Wraps
Wraps are touted as a better bread alternative-but some tortillas are just colored white bread, hiding three times the carbs and calories of a slice of bread!

Instead Try: An Open-Faced Sandwich
Beat the wrap with an open-faced "value-full" sandwich of real greens and grilled chicken on whole grain toast.

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Skip: Green Tea
A green tea energy drink sounds good for you, right? Wrong: One sweet 20-ounce bottle packs the same calories of 37 lollipops!

Instead Try: Water With Lemon
H20 is always the way to go. Punch it up with lemon or other fruit to please your palate.

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Skip: White Rice Sushi
Sure, there's nothing deep-fried about sushi, but a typical roll contains up to 350 calories and-eek!-the carb equivalent of two and a half to four slices of bread. In short, one California roll = two sandwiches!

Instead Try: Brown Rice Sushi
Not all sushi is bad. For cut rolls, go for brown rice, and request "easy on the rice." Better yet, skip the rice altogether, order hand rolls, and add a side salad.

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Skip: Fatty Salads
Salads rule, but not with sneaky calorie-filled toppings. Adding blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, candied walnuts, and dried cranberries packs an extra 810 calories to your salad. That's the equivalent of a slice of pizza, a donut, two string cheese sticks, and a snack bag of chips!

Instead Try: Lean Salads
Keep your salad heavy on the greens, with colorful veggies and lean proteins. Want extra crunch? Toss in beets, hearts of palm, snap peas, or oil-free sun-dried tomatoes.

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Skip: Frozen Diet Meals
Calorie counters love frozen diet meals, but lots are over processed with no substance. A sample meal is breaded dark meat chicken, pasta, and just a sprinkle of veggies, which is high on carbs, low on good-for-you antioxidants and fiber.

Instead Try: Frozen Turkey Burgers
Frozen food can be super cool, if you choose a frozen turkey burger warmed up and tossed over bagged mixed greens and light dressing.

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