Is Your Diet Killing Your Relationship?

A visit to your local grocery store will turn up a myriad of foods that are gluten-free, macrobiotic, dairy-free, whole grain, nut-free, vegetarian, cholesterol-free, etc. It is clearly a time when food comes in all varieties to suit a person's ever-changing dietary needs. But with all of the different options and diets, cooking and eating together as a way to make your relationship stronger and bring you and your spouse closer together can become tricky.

A recent report from CNN discusses how diets can sometimes divide relationships. Psychotherapist, Karen Koenig, explains how food shapes the way we relate to others and can become an expression of our love. Koenig says, "How we feed ourselves and each other says a great deal about how we feel about ourselves and our loved ones."

It is not surprising to hear that a person's diet can affect a relationship, after all It is not at all rare to hear of a vegetarian who refuses to date someone who eats meat or vice-versa. But what if you find yourself in a long-term relationship or marriage where someone all of the sudden decides to change their diet in a dramatic way? Will the other partner have to change their diet as well or can they find a way to live together with different diets?

Do you and your partner have different dietary needs?

Tell us how you make it work!

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