Dispatches from Watertown

On Friday the city of Boston and its surrounding suburbs, schools, and transit systems remained in eerie lockdown while SWAT teams descended on Watertown, a city eight miles west of Boston where Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is suspected to be hiding. No vehicle traffic is allowed, shops are closed, and a no-fly zone is in place over the town. Inside homes, families are prohibited from answering the door unless instructed by a police officer and are waiting out the manhunt, tweeting photos of the scene from their windows via the account #watertown.

Shawna_England: “View from my house…crazy.”


@roncorning: "Eerie Instagram from #watertown resident trapped inside their home."

Ron Corning/Twitter

: This picture is unbelievably terrifying. Imagine seeing this in your hometown.


@tomuky: Imagine looking out your window and seeing this.


: View from my parent's front porch.


: Bullet hole in our TV from last night. Kept it from coming in our bedroom as we crawled to the kitchen.


@neocMatt tweeted: “We are glued to the news, kids are watching @netflix - Horseland is a pretty good show and distraction."

Stay safe, everyone!