Do doctors really care about their patients anymore?

When a patient goes to the doctor they put their trust in that doctor to do what they have been trained to do and heal whatever may have sent them there in the first. They trust the doctor to give medicine that will help them and not harm them.

I went to the doctor a few days ago because I have been sick I put trust in my doctor to give me medicine to make me better, not to give me medicine that has now put me extreme pain. I looked up the medicine on the FDA website and oh my..the medicine that was prescribed to me has a BLACK BOX WARNING because of the side effects and should only be given when absolutely needed. To make matters worse she gave me another medicine that has severe drug interactions with the first med. I called her today and she is refusing to give me anything to ease the pain caused by the med she prescribed and her reasoning is.. pain pills are addictive and I will not prescribe them regardless of the amount of pain the patient is in. Her solution is to Motrin and to stop picking up my daughter. UMMM, can't take it and she knows this because she has asked me before if I can and no amount of Tylenol is controlling this pain, I know I have been taking it for two days now. I told the doctor that she is a poor excuse for a human being and an even poorer excuse for a doctor because she is willing to prescribe meds that have a black box warning from the fda for causing extreme pain and then she is willing to just sit back and let a patient suffer in pain instead of getting off her high horse and using the excuse that they are addictive and prescribing me a prescription for pain medication when it was her who gave the med that has put in this pain.

When did doctors stop caring about their patients and start caring more about how much money they can get from them? Its ridiculous for a doctor to do this to a patient and be able to get away with it.