Don't forget to eat these wintertime fruits!

pomelo.jpgSummertime and the eating is easy. Luscious, juicy fruit is abounding, local farmers markets are bustling with activity at their fruits and veggie stands. I could live on the pickens of the earth entirely and never miss cooked food. But, it's not summer. It's late fall and somehow to me that translates to no-mans land when it comes to produce, especially fruit. Walking around the Green Market this weekend, I noticed a striking lack of fruit and an even more striking uptake on the amount of baked good stands. No wonder my winter wardrobe consists mostly of loose fitting sweaters.

Word to the wise: produce delivery makes life easier.

This winter I'm on a mission to eat fruit, seasonal fruit, whatever that may be. And guess what? There is fruit that is in season. Apples are the mascot of the fall, and did you know that winter is primetime for citrus fruit? Who knew? I can tell you one thing. I will not have scurvy come springtime. Here's a list of wintertime-friendly fruit, to add to your grocery list:

Also, lemons, papayas, and bananas are fresh and ready for ingestion all year round. I may not really know what a pomelo fruit is, but at least now I know I have it as an option in the wintertime. I'll most likely supplement my fresh fruit intake with frozen berries for smoothies and canned pineapple because it's yummy and easy and canned at optimum ripeness. Happy eating, and if you know where to find a pomelo, let me know. I'm intrigued.

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pomelo image via hello_winnie