Don't Get Stuck with Acupuncture: The Medicine of Nutrition and Herbs

By: StacyatZeel

.The following blog post was contributed by Alma Myers, LAc, and is a continuation of a recent series of articles on the use of touch, movement and energy work to provide lasting healing and health. In it, Alma explains that acupuncture is just one of many treatments offered by licensed acupuncturists. As he puts it: "Care and self-care can come in many forms, and needleless might be better suited to help you meet your health and wellness "acu-" goals, while avoiding "-puncture."'

Conscious Eating: Building Your Way to Health

If you are what you eat, what are you made of?

Many ancient and modern cultures recognize the importance of "food as medicine" and encourage the consumption of a diet that is rich in local, seasonal ingredients. Using dietary and nutritional therapies such as this, you can guide the way you live, building, repairing and balancing your body through foods that contain properties appropriate to your diagnosis and complement and enhance your current state of health.

Have you ever tasted the five flavors of Traditional Herbal Medicine?

Asian nutrition takes into account the balance of hot, cold, tonification, sedation and other properties to create balance, health and well-being. With traditional herbal medicine, we focus on "acrid, bitter, salty, sour and sweet" to help balance the body naturally. Effectively flavored FDA approved nutritional supplementation can facilitate this effect.

But how does it all work? By combining several herbs, it may be possible to minimize harsh properties and side-effects while assisting function and symptom relief from the inside out. You can drink your way to health through medicinal teas or just toss back a few capsules or tablets of classically prepared or customized herbal formulas with a glass of water.

If you haven't considered it before, but have begun to ponder the possibilities of acupuncture and other alternative forms of medicine, know that you could benefit from a customized dietary plan for your lifestyle. Supplementation with time tested herbal medicine, when specifically tailored to your individual constitution and needs, provide a viable natural alternative to harsh medications and, in some cases, even surgery.

Alma founded Los Angeles Mobile Acupuncture, a CAM medical concierge group, in 2010 to restore patient driven care. There, he delivers acupuncture, bodywork, exercise, herbal medicine and nutrition and meditation based care. For more information, check out or follow at or