Drain Your Lymphatic System

You may not know much about your lymphatic system, but it's a critical component of the immune system. Anyone committed to living healthier should take note. Many healthy living experts have an obsession with the lymphatic system and for good reason. All the lymph nodes and tissues in your body carry lymph fluid, responsible for providing oxygen to your cells and removing waste products from your body. However, since the ducts that carry this fluid are tiny, they tend to get blocked, making you feel achy and bloated.

By draining the lymphatic system, you can detoxify your blood, reduce swelling and regenerate tissue from burns, scarring and post-surgery scars. It's also great for relaxation and reducing stress.

Sweating, deep breathing, bodywork and vigorous exercise help flush fluid out of the body, thereby removing toxins. Examples include rebounding, running, jumping rope and other activities that get circulation going and involve motion against gravity. Once a week, go to your gym's sauna and relax while stress is released through your pores. Get a dry skin brush and run it along your body before taking a shower or bath.

You can also ask for a lymphatic drainage massage instead of a Swedish massage. The practitioner pushes the skin very gently where the lymph nodes are located, and this pressure pulls on the vessels to improve elimination.

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