Drink Up! 7 Ways to Get More Water Every Day

Hydrate!Hydrate!Want to improve your quality of life quickly? I know one easy trick that will change almost everything about your day-to-day: commit to drinking more water! There are so many ways that water helps the body - weight loss, heart health, digestive health, skin quality and extra energy are just a few!

So what are you waiting for? Go pour yourself a healthy 8 ounces right now and feel better instantly! Here are 7 easy ways to start drinking more water right away:

1. My grandmother used to say: drink one glass of water after each trip to the bathroom. Then you are replacing what goes out!

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2. Fill up a pitcher with your daily water quota. That way, you HAVE to drink what you truly need!

3. Before you allow yourself a soda each day, set a water quota. i.e. drink 2 bottles of water before that morning Diet Coke.

4. Carry a water bottle at all times and refill it often. The more full it is the more likely you are to drink it!

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5. Make flavored ice cubes with herbs or pieces of fruit!

6. Add more water-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet: lettuce, broccoli, citrus, grapes, etc.

7. Love juice or energy drinks? Water your juice and sports drinks down just a little...you won't even notice!

- By Ashley Hackshaw

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