Drinking May Help Boost Your Immune System

By Julie Gerstein, StyleCaster

woman drinking wineScience is pretty much the boss of us, and if science tells us to do something, well, who are we to judge? Case in point: If science tell us to drink to stay healthy, why, that's exactly what we'll do. A new study from Oregon Health & Science University found that moderate drinking, when compared to heavy drinking or complete teetotaling, resulted in an improved immune response.

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So far, the results have only been replicated in monkeys, but this could be a good sign for humans. The moderate drinkers had an enhanced immune response-they produced more antibodies and recovered faster-than the other groups. Researchers aren't entirely sure how or why the alcohol helps to stimulate and boost the immune system, but they're planning on doing additional studies.

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And that's not the only health advantage of moderate drinking-emphasis on moderate. Occasional tippling has been linked to reduced risk of Alzheimer's and improved cardiovascular function. And there are about a zillion specific benefits to drinking a glass or two of red wine a day, including reduced risk of colon cancer, lower risk of stroke, and general increased longevity and decreased brain decline.

Too much alcohol though, say researchers, and you're definitely damaging your immune system (and probably feeling pretty crappy at the same time).

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