The Easiest Way to De-Stress (and Prevent Wrinkles!)

by Elizabeth Siegel

CN Digital StudioCN Digital Studio Trying to reduce stress can be…stressful. Considering all we have on our plates, who has time for meditation, yoga classes, anti-inflammatory smoothies, and a full eight hours? Luckily, there is one really easy way to unwind, and you can actually do it in your sleep (or, um, while you lie in bed making to-do lists while you try to sleep). And maybe the best news of all (depending on where de-stressing and preventing wrinkles fall on your list of priorities) is that you could also get an anti-aging benefit. "Lavender really is aromatherapeutic, and putting a few drops on your pillow will help you de-stress," says Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist in New York City. The really cool part? You could scrunch your face less while you sleep, which means you'll wind up with fewer wrinkles. OK, fine, you can see where wrinkles fall on my list of priorities.

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