Easy (and Quick!) Workouts for Big Results

Kickstarting your fitness routine doesn't have to involve banking 30 minutes on the elliptical or belonging to a pricey gym. Here are exercises you can do at home to get your body looking more toned and feeling healthier. Try each of these for two minutes straight - if you're feeling energetic, repeat the cycle.

Stair Walking
Have a set of stairs in your house or apartment building? Pull on your sneakers and plug in your iPod and step your way to toned legs. It helps your form if you drive your arm upwards like you're taking something out of your pocket and eating it-your opposite knee will automatically follow suit. Remember: keep your knees high!

Chair Squats
Stand with your back to a sturdy chair, your feet about shoulder-width apart, your heels about one foot in front of the chair, and your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the floor. Then lower your body to a sitting position, count to three and stand back up to the starting position. Try to achieve a 90-degree angle with your legs when you move to the sitting position. Once you're proficient, try not to sit at all during the exercise. Get a better butt in one month.

Wall Push-Ups
Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes about two feet from the wall. Place your palms flat against the wall (your hands should also be shoulder-width apart and at shoulder height). Keep your feet stationary and your back straight and move your body toward the wall. Count to three as you move toward the wall, then count to three as you push away from it. See if you can do one set of 15 push-ups. If you can easily, repeat the set. See more on toning your arms.

Jumping Jacks/Jumping Rope
Don't underestimate the cardio power of jumping around. Challenge your son or daughter to a jumping jack or jump roping contest - see who can last one minute. You'll get in some quality time with your kid while improving your heart.

Windmill Stretch
Stretch your muscles while getting in some much needed cardio activity. Stand with your feet apart and your arms stretched straight out to your sides. Then bend at the waist and touch your right hand to your left foot. Return to original position, then touch your left hand to your right foot. Return to original position again. Stretch gently, but if you can't reach your foot, just reach as far as you can without causing discomfort. Improve your core now.

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