Edible Deodorant Candy Could Make Your Pits Smell like Posies

deo perfume candydeo perfume candyCan eating candy make you smell dandy? Only if it's Deo Perfume Candy, apparently, an "edible deodorant" so powerful one dose will supposedly make a 145-pound person "smell like roses" for up to 6 hours. Sweet! Or ... scary. Or highly unlikely, you're probably thinking. That was my first thought, too: What a scam. Like sea monkeys for the personal hygiene market. People are soooo gullible.

But then I did a little more research, and as it turns out, the science behind these sweets doesn't stink. Basically, it's like this: You know how when a person eats a lot of garlic, they start to smell like garlic? And I'm not talking about someone coming back to work after lunch with the scent of garlic lingering on their breath or clothes, I'm talking about someone who seems to have the odor oozing from their pores.

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Well, it seems that way because garlic actually is oozing from their pores. See, garlic contains a compound which, because it can't be broken down by the body, has to be excreted through the skin. The perfume candies contain a similar compound called geraniol which is naturally found in plants including roses, lavender and vanilla ... and smells pleasant, like a spring bouquet. (Or better than garlic, anyway.)

Sounds legit, right? Sort of. Hey, people do buy Deo Perfume Candies in other countries (Spain, Korea, Germany, etc.), and, pretty soon, they'll buy them right here in this country, too (for $10 a packet). Um, everything's coming up roses?

Or not. Because what if you just end up smelling like flowers AND B.O.? Gross! Like those sleazy guys at sweaty clubs who think a splash of cologne counts as a shower. And how much candy are you supposed to eat, exactly? Are these meant for everyday use or do you save them for when you're in a pinch, like on camping trips or during power outages? I don't know.

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I do know that for all my skepticism, I'm still kind of curious. Almost curious enough to order a sample online ... come on, who's with me??

Would you try edible deodorant?

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Written by Jacqueline Burt on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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