Embracing The Season Of Change: Positive Life Changes To Do For The Fall Season

Fall, as we've all known since we were little, is the season of change and transitions. Students get new classmates in school. Leaves change color. Summer flip-flops are traded in for chocolate brown boots. The weather gets cooler and crisper, which may mean less iced coffee and more hot soy lattes. Good-bye, summer barbeques. Hello, apple-picking. Who's ready for fall?

Just as how seasons are not meant to be static, neither are people. We are at our greatest element when we are open to new ideas, flexible to life curves and are willing to get out of our own comfort zone. Here are 10 ideas to shake up our usual routines, and all for the better.

1. Change your attitude about something you currently don't like. So you can't stand your know-it-all co-worker. And he's not going to quit anytime soon, and neither are you. Rather than constantly bitching to your spouse about how he drives you up the wall, maybe you can approach his next one-sided rambles with some sympathy and understanding? Or that terrible traffic you have to endure every morning--maybe some good audiobooks will actually make you thankful that you're stuck in the car for over forty minutes?

2. Change up the people you are surrounded by. It's great to have your posse of close-knit friends. But it's important to always have opportunities to meet new people, encounter new personalities (however difficult), and get intimidated as hell by people who are half your age who are really kicking ass at life. So check out new community events, strike up conversations with strangers, ask a lot of questions, and continue to grow new relationships in your social contacts.

3. Change your eating habits with new recipes, new world cuisines, new ingredients, new local supermarkets. Have your eating habits fallen into a predictable pattern of casseroles, hamburgers and iceberg lettuce salads? My favorite way to changing up my eating habit is to visit a health food or produce store I've never visited before, which has introduced me to new ingredients such as nutritional yeast, kale, rice paper, seitan and more.

4. Change your usual interests and hobbies. Of course, this is why #2 is so important; meeting interesting people is one of the best ways to expose yourself to fields of interest you may have otherwise never encountered or thought of learning about. Another easy way to change up your usual interests and hobbies: browse magazines at your local bookstore.

5. Change your style. And no, you don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe to do this. It can be a matter of combining tops and bottoms in unusual ways, doing jewelry swaps with your girlfriends, or simply being a little more daring with your eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish colors.

6. Change your home environment. That painting you've been meaning to hang up for the last few months. Do it. And while you're at it, declutter your unwanted stuff and donate to charity. Add a potted basil plant and some freshly cut gerberas while you are at it. Home environments need new energy, too.


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