Even the “Dr.” Promotes a Daily Practice

By MyYogaWorks Laurel House

Daily Yoga Practice

In a recent episode of Dr. Oz, he talked about the most important health-enhancing activity in his life - yoga. But not just because it's a great mind/body workout; according to Dr. Oz, yoga has helped him be a better husband and healer.

The ancient practice is lauded for its wide-range of benefits, some of which you may be taking prescribed medications to relieve including:

-Increased Flexibility

-Combating Aches and Pains

-Treating Tension Headaches

-Easing Low Back Pain

-Lessening Hip Stiffness

-Improving Heart Health

-Weight Loss

According to Phil Swain, CEO of YogaWorks, "Yoga can have enduring health benefits. Stress and anxiety are major contributors to decreased health and illness. Yoga is a mind-body practice that teaches you to relax, settle your mind, and allows you to rejuvenate and put your body at ease. A consistent yoga practice will help mitigate stress and allow you to achieve a peaceful mind and a healthy body."

An Integrated Approach to Health

Swain comments that "YogaWorks believes in an integrated approach to health and yoga's role in that. One of our close partners is Urban Zen, which is an integrated therapy program founded by fashion designer and humanitarian, Donna Karan."

You Can Make It Quick, But Consistent

If you truly want to benefit from yoga, the key is consistency. But that doesn't mean that you have to dedicate an hour a day. Even a short 10 or 20-minute practice is plenty of time to experience the rewards. No studio nearby? No problem. MyYogaWorks.com is an online version of the YogaWorks studio classes where you can stream a workout of any length, intensity, and focus - making it more difficult to come up with excuses to skip your practice.

Swain suggests that you "Integrate yoga into your life, make it a lifestyle - that is when you start to see the benefits of yoga and realize the mind-body connection."