Exercise Apparel Dos and Don’ts

By WomansDay.com Staff

Forget the fancy gadgets and high-priced fashions, the best workout gear should keep you as comfortable as possible while you're on the move. Whether that means choosing thExercise Apparel Dos and Don'tsExercise Apparel Dos and Don'tse best fits to avoid chafing and blisters, or learning how to care for your apparel to prevent wear and tear, check out these essential tips to make your workout gear work for you.

Don't toss your workout shoes once they've lost their support. Recycle them at NikeReuseaShoe.com, which accepts any brand of athletic shoe.

Do wash workout clothes separately in cold water on the delicate cycle and then air-dry. This extends the fabric's life and prevents shrinkage.

Check out the best sports bras by cup size.

Don't wear bulky socks. There shouldn't be any folds of excess fabric, otherwise you may end up with nasty blisters. Make sure socks fit snugly.

Do avoid tight-fitting elastic around your arms, shoulders, neck, waist and ankles. These are prime areas for chafing.

Don't wear dark clothes if you're exercising outside in warm weather. Black, brown and navy will absorb the sunlight and you'll heat up quickly.

Do look for sales. Qualityy exercise gear costs more but lasts a lot longer. Sign up at ShopItToMe.com to get email alerts when your favorite brands go on sale.

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