Expert Advice: Get Michelle Obama's Arms

Let our expert guide you to achieving world-class arms like the First Lady's.
- Sarah Polonsky,

What is the most important thing Michelle Obama has done since moving into the White House? She brought attention to arms, of course! Aren't we about as deep as a puddle? Her toned and lovely guns have made ladies all over the country pay more attention to their own arms.

We all admire Michelle for her tenacity, strength, and ability to do everything Barack does, only backwards and in heels. But those sleek arms also deserve to be paid homage.

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Fitness expert Andrea Meltcalf of Better TV, NBC's Today Show, and More Magazine gives us some tips on how to get Michelle's arms. Andrea's book, Naked Fitness, comes out January 2011.

Follow these tips and soon you'll want to find a large crowd and wave at them like she does just to show off your new cut arms!

Alphabet arms - T U V W is an easy-to-remember workout

"This series is an easy to remember and great for toning and shaping all the muscles of the upper arm," Andrea says.

T - "Start with arms straight at sides then lift to shoulder height position. Hold for 10 counts and make small circles forward 10 times then back for 10 repetitions. Hold the "T" position for 10 more counts and move onto U without lowering arms."

U - "From the T position, bend elbow and press arms upward overhead for 10 repetitions of a shoulder press. Try to keep arms at shoulder height on the lowering position until the 10th repetition then move on to V."

V - "Bring hands to center front of the body with thumbs down. Press the back of the wrists together. Lift 10 times to a wide V position overhead. Hold the last one in the V position for 10 counts and rotate palms upward to ceiling to move onto W."

W - "Starting in the wide V with palms up toward ceiling, bend the arms and bring the elbows to the rib cage making a W position. Perform 10 repetitions and rest."

Triceps Burners

"Lying on your back with a weighted bar or free weights, start with arms extended at a 45 degree angle," Andrea says. "This is your finishing point and starting point for this exercise. Lower the arms extended towards the floor and hold for 10 counts. Return to starting position and repeat 10 reps. On the last repetition, bend at the elbow and perform 10 more bent arm extensions. Perform this exercise with resistance that exhausts the muscles on the bent arm set."

Pull up Jumpers
"The last ingredient needed to achieving great Michelle arms is to work the bicep," Andrea says. "Start with a pull up bar that is slightly higher than your extended arms. Take a small jump and pull yourself up to the bar and hold for 5 counts. Lower to floor and repeat 10 more times, trying to hold one count longer on each rep, ending up with a 15 count hold on the last one."

Stay tuned for Andrea's next installment: How to Get Beyonce's Booty.

Sarah Polonsky is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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