Fab Fall Festivities

by Katie Karlson
Once you've checked each item off your summer bucket list, scope out these perfect ways to kick off fall...

Go apple-picking.
Fall is the best time for fresh, crunchy apples. (If you're feeling indulgent, pick up caramel apples or doughnuts while you're there... but enjoy in moderation!)

Love the leaves.
Go for a walk in the woods or park one or two afternoons a week every week till all the leaves are gone. Soak up the solitude as you watch the leaves turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. Rake together a colorful leafy mound and jump in!

Warm up with chili.
Try this tasty, healthy recipe for a vegetarian chili tostada and savor the flavors of fall.

Primp with pumpkin.
Give yourself a revitalizing at-home pumpkin facial or pick up one of our fave pumpkin skin products!

Get your outdoor fireplace in tact.
It's perfect weather for an outdoor fire and s'mores!

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