Face Palm: Kim Kardashian Gets Blood Facial

Photo by Twitter. This is totally NBD, why?

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to beauty treatments but she may have taken vanity to a whole new level on Sunday's episode of "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami" by getting a blood facial.

A blood facial.

Kardashian dragged her best friend, television personality Jonathan Cheban to the office visit where she had the procedure done. "I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful," she said.

Here's how it worked: A technician drew blood from Kardashian's arm, then spun it in a machine to remove the platelets (a substance that forms clots to prevent bleeding). He smoothed numbing cream on her face, splattered it with the blood, and ran a contraption of nine little motorized acupuncture needles across her face. For her part, Kardashian whimpered, "Oh my God. I will never get a facelift if it feels like that."

The blood facial is kinder, gentler version of the "vampire facelift" a.k.a., Selphyl, a popular treatment in 2009 where blood is re-injected into the face to stimulate collagen production. While the effectiveness of that procedure is largely unknown, some doctors say fillers taken from one’s body are less likely to cause irregularities and bumps in thin-skinned areas than synthetic ones. While Dr. Phil Haeck, the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons says, “This is another gimmick that people are using to make themselves stand out on the Internet in a real dog-eat-dog part of medicine.”

And because it never happens unless she Instagrams it, Kardashian documented the experience and showed photos to Kourtney, asking if her skin looked better. Kourtney's reply was a simple and curt, "No."

Photo by Twitter