Facebook Your Way to Fab Abs [video]

By Laurel House

Admit it… you spend entirely too much time on Facebook, but you somehow can't find the time to sneak in that workout. Because each day you exercise brings you one day closer to achieving your goal, it's time to stop dodging it and find a way to fit in an extra workout without edging into your online social time. Yes, you can tone your abs while on Facebook! But before you try and use doing these moves as your out when it comes to making time for a full-on cardio session sans-computer, keep in mind that these exercises are great ADDITIONS to your routine, helping to keep your metabolism pumping, calories burning and muscles engaging all day long.

Ab Squeezes

Keep friend requesting, updating your status, or even just stalking and simultaneously tone your abs with Ab Squeezes. As if you're being punched in the stomach, exhale fast and squeeze all of the air out of your stomach as your flex your abs. Flex them tight! Hold for 10 seconds. Release briefly. Hold again! Repeat 10 times.

Seated Side Crunches

Because you don't want to get that hunched back look, every few minutes it's a good idea to sit up straight, lift your hands up, elongate your spine, and stretch your neck… and then tone your abs for a minute or two. Put your hands together behind your head, open your elbows out to your sides, bend at your waist from side to side to get into your obliques (your side abs). Do a total of 100 while uploading photos, or waiting for your "friend" to IM you back.

Seated Bicycle Crunches

Your eyes need a break from the computer every few minutes. May as well tone your abs too. As if you're laying on your back doing bicycle crunches (bringing opposite knee to opposite elbow) do the same motion but sitting up, hands behind your head, elbows out to your sides, rotating your torso from side to side as you bring your knee up to your opposite elbow.

Double Knee Lifts

Engage your abs, squeeze your knees together, and lift the both knees up several inches off the floor. Hold there for a few seconds, then pulse up 10 times. Release your feet back down to the floor for just a second, and repeat 10 times.

Lifted Clam

This is another one that you can do while typing away, except that it might distract you just a tad since it is seriously effective… Lift both feet up together a couple of inches off the floor. Engage your abs, keep your back straight and tall and, without lowering your feet, open your knees at least one foot wide. Hold for 10 seconds, close your knees for just a second, then open them again. Repeat 10 times. This is an intense Daily 100. If you can't do the full 100 seconds just yet, that's okay. You have something to work up to.

Who knew Facebook could be such a workout?

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