Fall Weight Gain – How to Avoid Accumulating Fat All Around Your Body

How to Avoid Accumulating Fat All Around Your BodyHow to Avoid Accumulating Fat All Around Your BodyWe all are happy that the holidays are around the corner and that scrumptious food is awaiting us. Pumpkin pies and candies are just ready to serve your taste buds, however, you do not want to be apologetic to yourself for accumulating so much fat around your body.

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Here, we have a list of tips on how to avoid gaining weight this fall.

What You Should Do
Plan Things Beforehand

You know that you will have delicious food waiting for you ahead. However, to stay ahead of time, you should plan things beforehand. Stock your kitchen with healthy foods as well as plan your daily exercise routine. Once you organize yourself, it will be much easier for you to keep control later.

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Prepare a Mobile Food Readiness Kit

You should know that as long as you are able to sustain blood sugar levels, your body won't store much body fat. Prepare your mobile readiness food kit which will help you ensure that food is within your reach to keep your body fed, balanced as well as burning calories. Your mobile readiness food kit can include a protein bar, or nuts, Greek yogurt or fruits. The reason for doing this is to provide your body with balanced meals at times when it strikes temptation.

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Maintain Your Weight throughout the Year

It would extremely beneficial for you to maintain your body throughout the year so you do not have to keep on making resolutions every year. Make sure that you have Off Plan meals during holiday season and fall months. This way you will be readying yourself to hit the beach in a bikini rather than putting on weight.

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What You Should Not Do
Skip Meals

Many people think that they would lose weight by skipping meals. However, the fact is that this way you would only be storing fat. When you keep your body away from food, it goes on survival mode. As a result, you metabolism slows down and the body starts conserving energy. Hence, the body starts accumulating calories into fats. In order to avoid this famine, you should consume protein rich snacks such as berries, yogurt, energy bars or apples after every 3 to 4 hours. This stabilizes blood sugar levels and keeps the metabolism going.

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Consume Carbs First

Your body digests carbohydrates quickly because glucose is the major source of energy. The fact is that when you consume potatoes or bread first, your blood sugar levels spark quicker which causes your body to store more fat. If you have the choice, always first consume proteins such as chicken, turkey, etc, as they help maintain blood sugar levels and slow down digestion.

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Overlook Workout

Missing out on workout schedules because of a shortage of time is no excuse. Try your level best to take out 10 to 20 minutes to stretch out so you are not missing out even during stricter work schedules.

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