FarmaSea's Newest Food Supplement Sea Veg is Here!

This afternoon I will have an interview with Scott Kennedy, a conscientious food manufacturer, national health speaker, and the leading sea vegetarian advocate in America today. The Founder and President of FarmaSea Health, LLA, Scott is a pioneer in the harvesting of sea vegetation and the production of whole food supplements for adults, children and pets. He will discuss how sea vegetables are gaining a whole new respect from scientists, nutritionists, and health advocates as a powerfully effective overall, whole food body tonic. Their newest product is Sea Veg with Vita D and Sea Cal. This multi nutritional food supplement contains 12 different red, brown, and green sea plants, 2260 I.U.s of Vitamin D3 and 1002 mgs of Aqua Min a vegetable calcium. Super Sea Veg® is the only dietary FOOD supplement that consists of a blend of twelve organic edible sea plants, chosen from over 10,000 species and harvested from pristine ocean waters around the world. Super Sea Veg® contains every element and nutrient known to man and MORE, in concentrated and balanced amounts, in 100% vegetable capsules, which by taking every day, will move your cells, blood and body toward superior biological health and homeostasis Please visit their website for more information