Fashion Etiquette: 5 Tips for A+ Acupuncture Attire

By: StacyAtZeel

Dress your best for acupuncture!Dress your best for acupuncture!There are so many times throughout the day that we find ourselves contemplating what to wear-to the gym, to work, to dinner with friends, to drinks with a hot date. But acupuncture? Some might consider the dress code for an hour of this Eastern-inspired therapy to be a bit less obvious.

Be prepared for your next appointment with these five tips for appropriate acupuncture attire, as recommended by experts of the ancient art.

Slack pants; no socks or shoes. "To best prepare for you treatment with your acupuncturist, wear loose-fitting but comfortable clothing. You should be prepared to take your socks and shoes off," says Angelica Drum, a licensed acupuncturist based in El Dorado Hills, Calif. She adds that your acupuncturist should be able to access points on the lower abdomen or lower back.

Shorts or loose fitting trousers. Lone Star State acupuncturist Dale Tope says, "The best thing to wear would be shorts or loose fitting trousers." Dale, a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, goes on to explain that, "The acupuncturist will only expose the area being treated, and will ensure that the patient is properly draped to ensure privacy and dignity."

Clothing that can be rolled up! "I instruct my patients to wear clothing that can easily be moved-pants that can roll up to expose the knees and shirts that can roll up beyond the elbow," says Jennifer Aubert, a licensed acupuncturist with a San Francisco studio. "If you are not coming from work or another engagement, wearing loose clothes like shorts, yoga pants and t-shirts makes our job that much easier."

Request to wear a gown. At her practice in New Canaan, Conn., Donna Cain describes: "Most points can be accessed without disrobing. There are times when other points on the torso should be used. In my clinic, we provide hospital gowns for people to wear if that is the case." Of course, for treatments that only require the hands, arms, legs or feet, a robe may be unnecessary, and baggy clothing may be adequate.

Ask before your appointment. Loose clothing is typically a safe bet, but Beth Theodore, a licensed acupuncturist based out of Redondo Beach, Calif., suggests speaking to the acupuncturist first. "Each practitioner has his/her own style of treatment," she says, elaborating that, "Some only needle the extremities and/or ears so loose clothing should be adequate. Some will have you change into a gown, while others may drape you with a blanket or towel."