Your Feng Shui Guidance for August!

Your Feng Shui Guidance for August!
Feng Shui is the area of Chinese medicine that helps us rest, relax and restore our vital energies through healthful practices and a calm environment. Learn how's Ellen Whitehurst can help you create a peaceful home, landscape and workplace by applying Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony to your everyday life!

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Since August is traditionally the month when resort bookings are in greatest demand, it's safe to speculate that many of you will be staying in a space other than your own this month. So, whether you're keeping close to home or heading further afield, here are some Feng Shui travel tips to keep in mind as you hit the road for the final days of summer!

Firstly, make sure the bedrooms in your own home are clutter-free before you depart. Elsewhere in the house, don't forget to empty all garbage cans, dishwashers and dryers. This philosophy maintains that, even though you are going away, you're still strongly connected to your home on a subtle, energetic level.

Upon arriving, make Feng Shui-friendly adjustments to your temporary living quarters. Begin by placing fresh flowers around the space, as this will introduce healthy new chi to the environment. Immediately open all windows and doors to allow for a healthy flow of fresh air. And in order to refresh (or even negate) bad predecessor chi, light some incense.

While you're at it, why not bring a little piece of home with you? Even if this is your time to get away from your regular home life, research has proven that you'll sleep better if you bring something from your own house to make you feel a little more at home on the road. A pillow is usually the preferred accoutrement, but if you can't create enough space in your suitcase, a specially scented candle will do. You may also want to bring a framed photo from a great bygone summer trip to lend a bit of subtle psychological motivation, for doing so could help you tap into the same sort of happiness this time around!

And lastly, don't forget to keep a little grounding energy on hand while you're out and about by carrying a smooth stone or clear quartz crystal on all your adventures. No matter where you are, this will connect you with your Earth energy, while also allowing your own energy to root you in your current space.

So, if you'll be traveling this month, these tips could be considered as important as remembering to pack the sunscreen and towels. Happy trails!

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Long ago, a 1960s band called the Happenings echoed this age-old (and mostly teenage) sentiment for summer:

"Have a good time but remember / There is danger in the summer Moon above / Will I see you in September / Or lose you to a summer love?"

If that second line in particular catches your eye, read on to learn how you can best mine the danger and love that lies waiting in that summer Moon above!

Feng Shui says that positioning an image of the full Moon in the "relationship and romance" sector of your home -- the far back right corner of your bedroom -- will shine a bright light on your intention to find that perfect partner.

Alternately, you can harness powerful lunar energies by filling a small glass or ceramic bowl with crystals, stones and/or glass beads on the next full Moon. (A red glass or bowl filled with red or purple items works best.) Once you've done this, place three pink candles in (or right next to) the glass or bowl, then light them for the three nights of the full Moon. This will illuminate a path to your heart and make your love life burn as brightly as any star in the summer sky!

One last Feng Shui tip is to write your true love's name on a yellow balloon -- and write your wishes on it as well! Be sure to use red ink, then release the balloon on the first night of the full Moon (which this month falls on August 31).

Following these hints could land you a late-summer love to last through all the seasons of your life!

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