Your Feng Shui Guidance for September!

Your Feng Shui Guidance for September!
Feng Shui is the area of Chinese medicine that helps us rest, relax, and restore our vital energies through healthful practices and a calm environment. Learn how's Ellen Whitehurst can help you create a peaceful home, landscape, and workplace by applying Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony to your everyday life!

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It hardly feels as if summer has already ended, when along comes the Autumn Equinox to raise the heat index on making your fall dreams come true!

Each year at this time, I like to share my tip about hanging colored corn on your door, an act that invites opportunity to come right into your home. This year, though, I'm going to add another idea to this consciously corn-y mix.

The Autumn Equinox traditionally marks the return of the harvest festival, so in many homes in tune with this seasonal vibe, the hearth (among other areas) is decorated with ears of dried, colored corn. People especially susceptible to superstition tend to avoid using gray corn, as it is looked upon negatively. However, ears of red, yellow, and, in particular, sacred blue corn remain strong symbols of the abundance-oriented season now upon us. Gourds and sheaves of dried wheat are also believed to contain special prosperous energies as well.

Go ahead and pile some dried corn, mixed gourds, and small sheaves of wheat on your dining room table this September 21, the Autumn Equinox. By doing so, you'll link your own energies to the rewards of this magical method of manifestation!

Happy autumn!

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Now that summer's over, with vacations in the rear view mirror and bathing suits stashed away in favor of hoodies, what about work? Did your professional life dip while the sun was soaring high in the summer sky? As the temperature climbed higher, did your job motivation seem to hit a low?

Well, if your career progress seems stalled upon autumn's arrival, it's time to add some heat to help get you all the recognition and rewards you deserve -- especially since the days and nights are turning as chilly as your prospects!

How can you best pump up your career energies, while building rock-solid support at the same time? Well, Feng Shui suggests placing a large stone (approximately 16 inches wide) straight outside your front door. Rest assured that this little bump will bring an even bigger one where your professional enthusiasm and goals are concerned, as this rock will represent the energies associated with the mythical phoenix. And because of this magical connection, placing this rock so strategically will shift your professional prospects from neutral into overdrive!

So, spread your wings in September and let this Feng Shui cure spread your word!

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