Fibromyalgia Explained

Fibromyalgia causes chronic pain and fatigue throughout the body.The muscles feel like they are achy and tightened, even when you aren't flexing those specific muscles. Back pain can be unbearable if you're not treating it.It's common for you to constantly have to lay down throughout the day.Researchers are saying that Fibromyalgia can be caused on a traumatic event,sickness,childbirth or surgery.It is also stated that an abnormal fluctuation in hormones can cause it. Although it is proven that hormones and stress can make your pain,fatigue and fibrofog worse.

The fatigue and fibrofog affect's the body physically and mentally.It's hard to move, and get yourself going when you have no "juice" to do so. Before being diagnosed,it's normal to feel like you have to rest almost every second of the day.Fibrofog is a type of brainfog, but it is more serious.It causes memory loss at a higher degree then regular brainfog.It's as if you have a chronic sinus infection.

Sadly, on average it can take six years after the Fibromyalgia causing incident, for you to finally be diagnosed. And two years after the incident for you to start noticing symptoms. By the time it has affected you for that four years, then a DR is able to diagnose you.There is no cure for Fibromyalgia,but there are many treatments that make life more tolerable.

More common treatments include:Yerba Mate,Ginseng,Synephrene and Ginkgo Biloba are used for fatigue and fibrofog. Oddly enough, Mucinex is used as a pain relief proctool for Fibromylagia. The brand Mucinex is used for relieving chest congestion. But individuals with Fibromyalgia has noticed a significate amount of pain relief when taking it daily.Currently there is evidence that taking it everyday,for two years, can reverse the Fibromyalgia symptoms.When individuals stopped taking the medicine, there symptoms didn't return till months later.There still isnt a cure, but as of now they are closer then ever.