Fill in the Blank: _____ is a Good Servant but a Bad Master

chainrustyI love to collect variations on phrases, such as the "X is the new Y." "Orange is the new black," "Breakfast is the new lunch," "Forties are the new thirties," "Halloween is the new Christmas," or-and I was inspired by this one for Happier at Home-"September is the new January." (I started this happiness project in September, instead of January, because September also seems like a good time for a fresh start.)

I came up with my own fill-in-the-blank phrase, "___ is a good servant but a bad master." I've been thinking about different ways to fill in the blank, and I've asked people for their suggestions. It's a very thought-provoking list.

Money is a good servant but a bad master

Technology (includes Facebook, Twitter, email…)









The flesh




What would you add? I don't know why I get such a big kick out of lists like this, but I do.


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