Find adventure in your own backyard with a DIY zip line kit

When this Grommet arrived for testing, there was no shortage of volunteers. All the adrenaline junkies in our office wanted a chance to fly through the backyard on a zip line. Sleaddventure makes it easy with its all-inclusive zip line kits.

The company was founded five years ago after Nathan Sleadd, who was 15 at the time, got hooked on ziplining at Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort in his home state of Oregon. Zip line kits for your backyard.Zip line kits for your backyard. His grandfather gave him some of his old cable, and his grandmother -- who is the oldest zipliner Nathan knows -- pitched in, too. Working in his parents' garage, Nathan put together a kit with all the necessary zip line materials and instructions and started selling it online. Nowadays, Sleaddventure operates out of a small warehouse, and Nathan receives his supplies by the truckload.

Liz BokanskiLiz Bokanski We heard about Nathan's kits from frequent Grommet-spotter Liz Boksanski. The Viper Zip Line Kit includes everything you need to get started, including 1/4" cable, setup hardware and a Viper Pulley. The Viper Deluxe Kit has all that plus a 20' bungee braking system and clip-on seat. With either kit, all you need is a ladder, a wrench and a sense of adventure. But remember, every zip line ends with a tree so be careful (we recommend helmets).

Buy zip line kits for your backyard here.

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