How to Get Your "First Shine Moment!"

Your First Shine Moment!
Have you ever wanted to be a shooting star? Or Live in the spotlight? Or even do something Dangerously FUN!!!? Well, all you have to do is stay in touch with my blog, " That Shining Moment", and all of your dreams and questions will be answered!

The # 1 question that runs through my mind can I get my shining moment? Well, the answer is simple...just live in the moment, and every moment will be a SHINING MOMENT! But, if your searching for that one specific moment then just follow these simple tips:
1. Live in the moment
2. Do something people would never, ever dream of you doing
3. Blog it out, or post it on the internet, but make sure it's something you want on the internet, because once you post or blog it never gets erased. It's out in the open for the whole world to see. So be CAREFUL!!!!
4. Soak up all the glory. Enjoy the moment