Five Drug-Free Tips for Better Digestion

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If it's January, it must be diet-talking time. But we'd all be better off if we first talked digestion. The fundamental reason for eating is to absorb the essential nutrients we need to grow and thrive. Here are five simple, drug-free tips to enhance one of the most basic jobs our bodies do everyday:

Turn It Off: That means the TV and the phone. Put the computer to sleep. Remove the earbuds, unless you are alone with slow, peaceful music. Digestion requires a calm environment.

Get Comfortable: Find a quiet spot. Balancing yourself on the edge of a couch is not restful. Sit down in a chair with your back to the computer or TV screen (the temptation to sneak a peek, or check emails is just too strong).

Be Mindful: You don't have to be religious to take a moment to look at what you are about to eat and be thankful that you have it.

De-Stress: Before that fork gets anywhere near your lips, take a couple of minutes to breathe slowly and deeply, to put your body in a more relaxed state.

Chew, Chew, Chew: You probably heard it all through childhood, but chewing is absolutely essential. Digestion of carbohydrates, both simple and complex, begins in the mouth, where carb-appropriate enzymes are released into the saliva. Animal protein, which is digested in the stomach, needs your vigorous molar action so that you don't choke on it as it's going down the hatch.

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