Five Filling Snacks with Less Than 200 Calories Each

Check out FIVE low-calorie snacks you should add into rotation NOW, courtesy of Hungry Girl...

Salsa-fied Tuna Stacks

170 calories, 2g fat

Tuna on crackers doesn't have to be boring. Spice up this snack by mixing a 2.6-ounce packet of albacore tuna (in water) with 3 tablespoons of salsa. Instead of eating it on butter crackers, spread your tuna mixture on two large rice cakes. It's like a giant, crunchy, open-faced sandwich. And it's packed with protein -- around 20 grams of it -- which means it'll keep you feeling full for a long time. If you're packing this snack to go and don't have access to a refrigerator, skip the salsa and use a pre-seasoned pouch of tuna, like the kinds by StarKist. So easy!

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Almonds & String Cheese

160 calories, 11.5g fat

Almonds are a good source of manganese and copper, which work together to boost your energy. They've also got a good amount of protein, and they happen to taste great. Stick with a handful (about 15 almonds), and then pair your nuts with a stick of light string cheese to round out your snack. If you have trouble counting out your almonds (as in that large bag of nuts disappears way too quickly), stick with 100-calorie packs. Blue Diamond makes these in a slew of varieties -- from sweet Dark Chocolate to savory Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce. As for light string cheese, Weight Watchers Smoked Flavor is the best we've tried. Totally unique!

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Turkey Roll-Ups

135 calories, 1.5g fat

Think beyond sandwiches when it comes to deli meat! Wrap 4 ounces of deli-sliced turkey breast around 4 pickle spears for a fun, protein-powered snack. Not into pickles? Cucumber slices work great too! And if you're watching your salt intake, Boar's Head and other brands have lower-sodium deli meat options, and Vlasic makes awesome reduced-sodium pickles.

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Hard-Boiled Egg Whites & Dijonnaise

80 calories,

People often overlook hard-boiled egg whites thinking they're too plain or boring. But sometimes, it's nice to keep things simple (like before a serious workout). And being plain definitely has its advantages -- hard-boiled egg-white halves can be stuffed with so many guilt-free and delicious items! While yellow mustard works fine, we're kind of obsessed with Hellmann's/Best Foods Dijonnaise -- a mayo-mustard mix with just 5 calories per teaspoon (the perfect amount to fill each egg-white half). It'll give your snack an extra-creamy kick. Also, it doesn't take many to kick your hunger to the curb -- about 3 egg whites (or 6 halves) should do the trick!

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Double-0-Cinnamon Apple Bowl

180 calories, 0.5g fat

Fat-free cottage cheese has a nice amount of protein, but it's not the most flavorful snack to eat alone. That's why we love to zazzle it up with a chopped Fuji apple (yum... and full of fiber!), a no-calorie sweetener packet, some cinnamon, and a drop of vanilla extract. Stick with 1/2 cup of the cottage cheese, and you'll have a HUGE bowl of sweet 'n salty goodness with very impressive stats -- 5g fiber + 13.5g protein = a full stomach and happy taste buds!

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