Foods that Give You More Energy

Foods That Give You More EnergyFoods That Give You More EnergyBy Jessica Girdwain

If you're exhausted and in need of a nap all day long, it may be time to examine what you're eating. Swap some of your meals with these foods to prevent a late A.M. burnout. The best part? A fatigue-fighting diet is fat-fighting too, so you may notice a shift on the scale. Get ready to make over your energy!


Swap cereal for 1 cup lowfat cottage or ricotta cheese and top with blueberries and raspberries.

Greek Yogurt and Nuts

Stash single-serving Greek yogurt cups in your office fridge. And at your desk, keep 100-calorie packs of nuts or nut butter. Mix the yogurt and nuts for a double protein boost. You can also add a jolt of protein to your coffee with a few splashes of soy milk, which has 8 g per cup and tends to stay fresh longer than regular milk.

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A recent study found that even mild dehydration brings on grumpy moods and sluggishness. Keep a water bottle within arm's reach and make it a point to sip throughout the day. Aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces, or just until your urine is pale yellow to almost clear.

Great Greens

Throw a handful of iron-packed, fatigue-fighting dark leafy greens, like frozen or fresh kale or spinach, into your breakfast smoothie. You'll barely taste the greens when they're mixed with ingredients like fruit and yogurt.

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Healthy Appetizer

You can eat pasta at an Italian restaurant if you order a shrimp cocktail first. The high-protein, low-cal starter will fill you up so you'll eat less of the carb-heavy primavera.


If lunch is your least healthy meal of the day (you snag a slice of pizza between errands), pump up the nutrition with a side salad topped with lentils or beans. High in nitrogen, what experts call "lighter fluid for your energy," legumes will help beat the post-lunch dip.

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A Dessert Fruit

You might crave sugar in the afternoon because you're stressed and your body is screaming for a fast source of fuel (candy!). Prevent the vending machine rush by capping off your lunch with one high-glycemic fruit, like a pineapple or mango. It will give you the quick burst of sugar, but it also has fiber, which slows down the rate at which sugar gets into your bloodstream, helping you maintain energy for longer-and heading off those midafternoon cravings. Other dessert fruits to try: papaya, dates and figs.

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