Your Guide to Losing Weight This Summer

FitSugarSource: Your Guide to Losing Weight This Summer

You've prepped for Summer all Spring, so why let all your hard work go to waste with those calorie-filled warm-weather pitfalls? Keep the weight loss going with our 10 tips for dropping pounds this Summer.

  • Get That Bikini Body: When Summer comes around, we're all about getting ready for the beach. If you're prepping your bikini body in time for an Independence Day getaway, read our two-weeks-to-the-beach diet and exercise plan.
  • Take It Outside: Go ahead, get out of the gym. If you're not used to exercising outdoors, what better time to start than when the weather's on your side? Beat the heat and go for an early morning or evening workout when temps are more manageable. For ideas, read our tips for moving your run outdoors and check out our ideas for how to strength train outside.
  • Have a Healthy BBQ: Another sunny weekend, another barbecue to attend. Before your grilling escapades undo your disciplined week, arm yourself with the right information so you know just what's good for your waistline. See just exactly what 100 calories of chips and dip looks like here and read all of our 45 tips for having a healthy barbecue here.
  • Watch Your Drink Calories: Between those refreshing lemonade options and your hankering for a midday mimosa, sunny weather can be all the convincing you need to spend the day imbibing. But making sure you watch your drink calories is important if you want to lose weight. Stick to one of these low-calorie Summer cocktails or flavored water or fill up and quench your thirst with these refreshing, hydrating snacks.
  • Debloat All Summer: Who wants to feel bloated at the beach? Eating debloating foods helps keep you feeling and looking your best. Detox with these debloating meals this Summer to keep your belly flat and happy!

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  • Travel Smart: Just because you're going on vacation doesn't mean you have to halt your exercise routine. Travel smart by packing a few workout-related items that don't take up too much space. Want to know what should make the cut when it comes to your precious suitcase space? Watch our video for our five tried-and-tested fitness travel faves.
  • Don't Just Lounge: Summer is all about soaking in the sun, but that doesn't mean you should plant yourself on that deck chair and refuse to leave. During your next poolside or beach trip, don one of these cute bathing suits that are made for action to encourage yourself to join in, not sit out, the Summer fun.
  • Keep Brunch Healthy: When outdoor all-day dining beckons you, it's often a lazy weekend brunch. Keep your options healthy by loading up your plate with fruit, starting your day with a smoothie before you go out to eat, or choosing the healthiest bagel spread. Read more of our tips for making your brunch healthy here.
  • Swap Your Ice Cream: You shouldn't deprive yourself of your favorite frozen treat all the time, but if you find that you're powering through all 31 flavors at the ice cream shop, it may be time to swap out a few of those scoops with these healthier, creamy ice-cream alternatives.
  • Train For Something: Need a little extra motivation this Summer? Sign up for a Fall race. You'll spend the Summer strong and in shape, since having a near-future goal helps you stay on track with your workout routine. Read our tips for training for your first marathon here.

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