Your Guilt-Free Guide to Partying Hard

Andrea Bartz, SELF magazine

Summer's moving to an end. Go all out and let loose--you'll get some major body benefits!

Chow down.
A late-night bite could elevate your metabolism, says Heather K. Jones, R.D., of San Francisco. But keep it decent. At the bar, pick a shrimp cocktail, guac or hummus. The 24-hour diner calling you? Opt for a veggie omelet: Eggs contain protein, your body's building block of lean, calorie-torching muscle. Even better if you swap out those hash browns for a fruit cup.

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Flirt brazenly.
Chatting up a cute guy triggers a flood of the happy hormone dopamine, which makes you more positive, says Jeremy Nicholson, Ph.D., a social psychologist in Boston--and optimism could heighten immunity. Skin-to-skin contact cues the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin, Nicholson adds. So get touchy. We're 99.9 percent certain he won't mind.

Laugh the loudest.
Cracking up relieves stress and acts as a natural pain med, probably by cueing the release of endorphins, says Robert Provine, Ph.D., author of Laughter: A Scientific Investigation. But don't risk cringe-inducing torture by sitting through amateur stand-up. "Only 15 percent of laughter is sparked by actual jokes," Provine says. "The rest comes from regular conversation." And we laugh more in a group. The plan: you, girlfriends, cocktails, good gossip.

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Dance your ass off.
And we mean that. Dancing long and hard can burn tons of calories, says Joseph Berning, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist at New Mexico State University--about 420 an hour, in fact. To nab the best slim-down, mimic an interval workout: Go fist-pumping wild for a song or two, take a breather, then get back out there, Berning suggests. If you throw it down 'til you're pooped, you can justify skipping Spin class tomorrow.

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