Handmade cutting boards from Australia fight bacteria and look great doing it.

Kate CastleKate Castle Some cutting boards are all about form, acting as an attractive backdrop when you're serving tasty morsels. Others are all about function, designed to withstand sharp blades and discourage bacterial growth. Thanks to Kate Castle, who told us about today's Grommet, we've found some that do double duty.

Antibacterial wooden cutting boards.Antibacterial wooden cutting boards. Prep cutting boards and cheese platters are beautifully rustic and thoroughly utilitarian. Each one is handmade in Australia from a solid piece of Camphor Laurel wood that has been air and kiln-dried and sealed with grape seed oil. There's nothing more to it -- no glues, dyes or anything artificial. Camphor Laurel is an ideal species for food preparation products because naturally occurring elements in the wood have been found to reduce bacterial and fungal growth and minimize cross-contamination risks.

Mick Zulpo, PrepMick Zulpo, Prep Prep is a family business run by Mick Zulpo, an Australian expatriate who lives in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. Mick's father, Peter, lives in Queensland, Australia, and oversees Prep's export operations. Together they're helping find new uses for an overabundance of Camphor Laurel in Australia and introducing the U.S. market to an exceptional series of food preparation boards.

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