The Healthiest Late-Night Snacks, when You're Feeling Nom-my at Bedtime

by Lexi Petronis

Yanes,Romulo AYanes,Romulo A In general, my time-to-eat clock shuts down for duty around 9 P.M. But not always! Last night, I'm pretty sure I logged as much time pondering the contents of the fridge as I did working (which was the reason I was up and snack-ish in the first place).

But some snacks are better for nighttime eating than others. Leftover pizza? Ice cream? Delish--but not exactly the best for your belly just before you go to sleep. Generally, you want to stick with a snack around 200 calories (anything more than that starts to tread into actual meal territory), with bonus points if they're not empty-nutrients are as important pre-bedtime as they are the rest of the day.

And--interestingly!--there may be some benefits to eating a snack before bed. Some studies have shown that it could help keep you from overeating the next morning and maybe even give your metabolism a nighttime boost.

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Strawberry shake. Not made with ice cream, but with kefir. Just blend it with strawberries and maybe a smidgen of honey for something sweet enough to stop cravings and gentle on your stomach.

Popcorn. As long as you don't coat it with butter, popcorn is a totally reasonable snack. Pop it on the stove (which can save you calories and omit the artificial flavorings from store-bought bags).

A sundae. Again, no ice cream here--instead, we're talking Greek yogurt topped with chopped fresh fruit. It's a great choice because it's filled with calcium and protein, and the fruit will add some fiber and vitamins.

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Whole-grain crackers. Stone-ground sesame seed crackers, like Ak-Mak, or multigrain Wasa crackers are high in fiber. Dip a few in hummus, spread with some cheese, or top with low-fat slices of turkey.

Smashed avocado on toast.
The complex carbs can help the production of melatonin (to help you sleep), and the protein-filled avocado also has a nice helping of healthy fats.

Are you a bedtime snacker? What do you eat when you're feeling hungry at night?

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