Hey, Germaphobes: It's Flu Season Again. Here Are Some Clever New Products to Help Get Us Through It

by Marissa Gold

It's National Influenza Vaccination Week, so flu season must be near. Consider this your friendly reminder to get a flu shot if you plan to. Even though I'm a complete germaphobe, I've never gotten a flu shot. I'm convinced I'm more prone to colds, so I focus my efforts on increasing my sleep and trying every over-the-counter health booster under the sun.

Fittingly enough, I heard about all four of the below products this week and think they're definitely worthy of a shout-out. For my fellow health nuts, germ-haters, and frequent hand-sanitizers, enjoy (and be sure to read the more detailed descriptions below):

courtesy of the brandcourtesy of the brand
1. An Easier Sinus Rinse

Neti pots are great for clearing out your sinuses naturally. If you're not a fan of the tilt-and-pour operation, or mixing your own solution, Ocean has all sorts of pre-prepared sprays (including this one that works at any angle with the push of a button) that make it really easy.

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courtesy of the brandcourtesy of the brand
2. Tissues, 2.0
Puffs recently came out with saline nose wipes to be used in lieu of (or in addition to) tissues. They're soothing, moisturizing, and cleansing all in one fell swoop.

courtesy of the brandcourtesy of the brand
3. A New Way to Take Your Vitamins
It doesn't matter how you get them (kale salads, prescription pills, or over-the-counter), but this is the time of year to make sure you're getting them. These Pixy Stix-style powder packets from alternaVites actually make it fun to take them (but I'm not about to give up my beloved gummy vitamins for good).

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courtesy of the brandcourtesy of the brand
4. A Germ-Killing Mop
You probably already own a good vacuum (that keeps dust and dirt contained, has a hospital-grade air filter, etc.), but now mops are getting high-tech makeovers too. This steam mop by Shark is designed to sanitize floors with steam, which means you can use plain old water to clean them (great for asthma sufferers who react to harsh cleaning fluids).

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