Need a Holiday Detox?

Do a cleanse this New Year and get back on track.
Tired of making resolutions that you just bail on a few weeks in? Us too.

So this year we sought advice from Meghan Telpner, nutritionista extraordinaire, owner of The Love in the Kitchen Academy, and all round kick-ass chick.

If there's one girl who knows how to set goals and stick to them, it's Meghan. Seriously. This is a woman who was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 5 years ago - a condition docs told her was incurable and could only be addressed with surgery and meds. Not one to play by the rules, she reclaimed her health with yoga, meditation, acupuncture, herbal remedies and healthy eating. Five years later, Meghan remains symptom free.

So who better to whip us into shape for 2012, right? And she's making it easier than ever to keep whole, natural, local and (most importantly) delicious vegan food on the menu with these items from her kitchen:

1. Irish Moss: This superfood gives a creamy texture to smoothies and puddings and is an excellent source of sulphur compounds, protein, iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc, pectin, and vitamins B and C. It eases digestive discomfort - something we can all appreciate this time of year.

2. Nut Sack: Don't let the name turn you off. This kit makes it easy to make your own nut and seed milks right at home. Not the other thing.

3. Power Packs: Meghan's put together a few power packs to make getting 2012 off on the right foot easy. Try her Smoothie Kit, Raw Living Deluxe Kit, or the Stress Buster - all of which are chock-full of awesome stuff.

So start 2012 off with a healthy bang.

Until January 1 use the coupon code Resolution on any of Meghan's finds on Ethical Ocean to save 10%! Go to for more information!

Cheers to a fantastic year!