Holiday How-To: DIY Thanksgiving Table Settings

Make the season come alive by adding seasonal holiday décor to your home! It's easy to spice things up with just a few simple touches. Plus, you can get the dinner conversation started by discussing how you created such a wonderful table setting.

Holiday How-To: DIY Thanksgiving Table Settings

Kids' Table Paper Tablecloth
This simple idea is great if you are expecting to have a kids' table at your Thanksgiving celebration. Use what you have and put down some butcher-block paper as the "tablecloth." Provide crayons or markers for the kids to draw with on the paper. For a fun game, have them outline their hands and create hand turkey drawings.

Leaf Napkin Rings
This is a great activity for kids to be outdoors and to bring the beautiful colors of fall to your table. Search outdoors or at your local craft store for some medium to large-sized colorful leaves. (Make sure they are not so dry that they crumble at the slightest movement.) Simply wrap them around a rolled-up napkin, take some colorful string or ribbon and wrap that around the leaf. If you want to add some flare, spray-paint the leaf with a metallic gold of silver, let dry, and then repeat the above instructions.

Pumpkin Place Cards
This simple personalized touch will be sure to brighten up any tablescape. Mini pumpkins and gourds are at a premium during the fall season, so why not incorporate them as much as you can in your Thanksgiving decor? You can use a permanent marker or paint to write the names of your guests directly onto the pumpkins. You can even attach a tag of paper cut in the shape of a leaf to the top of each gourd with the names written in a fun glitter or shimmer ink. Simple, but festive.

Cranberry Accent
This idea is great for a last-minute decoration. A beautiful centerpiece doesn't have to be elaborate. A simple glass vase filled will cranberries and a decorative candle make for a colorful, seasonal and bright Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Carved-Out Pumpkin Vase
This idea is great if you have any extra pumpkins or gourds from Halloween or seasonal decorations. I love to use a seasonal food as a holiday centerpiece. Simply carve out the center of a small pumpkin or gourd, fill with water, and arrange fresh fall flowers, twigs, feathers, whatever you like. You can even use fake flowers if you want it to last a bit longer.

We recently found this mommy blogger, Letty's Lemonade Stand, and loved her tablescape! We asked her to share a tip with all of you:
"I usually like to add a little bit of rustic touches to my existing modern furnishings and that includes my Thanksgiving table. Topping off my modern white dining table is a mixture of warm, golden colors, fall foliage, sleek white dishes, a DIY burlap runner, faux floral arrangements in rustic pottery, real fall pumpkins mixed in with shimmery beaded ones and metallic candelabras topped with orange candles. All these elements come together to create a warm, chic and unique Holiday table." --Letty of Letty's Lemonade Stand

How are you going to spice up your Thanksgiving table?

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