Holiday Parties: Save Calories with These Tricks

Sarah-Jane Bedwell, SELF magazine

No one wants to hear the word "diet" at a holiday soiree or be the party-pooping food police. We all want to have our cake and eat it too (it's the holidays for crying out loud!). At SELF, we feel the same way.

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And since SELF's holiday party is tonight (make sure to check us out on Instagram), I drummed up some commonly-seen appetizers that are perfect SELFy splurges. Each of these bites are 200 calories, so you're able to indulge without feeling food coma-esque post party. After all, you don't wanna feel anything less than totally fab in your gorgeous holiday cocktail dress. Here's your fail-safe guide to navigating any appetizer spread.

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For 200 Calories, You Can Have:

  • 2.5 pigs-in-a-blanket
  • 2 mini grilled cheese sandwiches
  • 4 pieces sushi (non-tempura kind)
  • 2 chicken skewers
  • 4 mini knishes
  • 3 mini quiches
  • 3 small seafood-stuffed mushrooms
  • 4 pork steamed dumplings

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What are you looking to splurge on most this holiday season? Tweet me @sarahjaneRD or @SELFmagazine or find me on SELF's Facebook Page!

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