How Much it Costs to Lose 20 Pounds on Your Own

By Jennipher Walters -

Almost everyone is looking for ways to save money, which makes sense given the current economic situation. And cost is certainly a variable in our decision to find a diet. You can't put a price on good health, but it's still nice to reach those goals in a cost effective manner? Last week Yahoo! Shine shared an article from CNNMoneyWatch about the cost of losing 20 pounds. So we wondered, how much does it cost to lose 20 pounds on your own?

They compared several big-name commercial diet programs with costs upwards of $100 per pound lost! It should be no surprise that you can do this on your own, assuming that you are losing two pounds a week over the course of 10 weeks, at about half the price.

Gym Membership: Prices certainly vary throughout the country, $50 almost anywhere will buy you a monthly membership to a quality health club. Over three months, that's $150 and should come with unlimited access to all the club's amenities, like weights, track, treadmills, pool, classes, and more. Ask about free personal training sessions for new members.

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Workout Clothes: Flashy fitness brands will cost a pretty penny, but Target's affordable Champion brand will get you a lot for your dollar. There you can buy the gear you need, like new running shoes (a must!), new shorts and a moisture-wicking shirt, for about $150.

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Healthy Meals
: Healthy food is affordable when you plan and cut-out the cost of restaurants. Pack lunches and prepare home-cooked dinners and the money and calories saved really add up! You can keep daily food costs to just $12 a day and eat nutritiously!

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Weight Loss Tools: Keep track of your success with a simple notebook ($3) and a tape measure ($3) to record your inches lost. Also, use the notebook as an essential food journal or to record thoughts and make notes.

  • Total Cost of Losing 20 Pounds on Your Own: $1,146, including food.
  • Cost per pound: An affordable $57.30 a pound.

Considering that many diet plans don't include your food, less than $60 a pound is a steal!

And for those who pride themselves on being extra thrifty, we estimate that you can knock this number even further down by:
  • Choosing a more affordable gym
  • Working out at home with DVDs
  • Running or walking with friends
  • Buying healthier foods on sale or in bulk
  • Shopping in-season produce
If cost has been holding you back from losing weight, it's time to think again and get started on the path to a healthier you!

Still want to give a branded diet a try? Our free diet finder will match you according to gender, dietary needs, budget, and more.