How to go from figure-8 to figure great

Helix Lateral Aerobic TrainerHelix Lateral Aerobic TrainerNothing beats the feeling you get from a great workout, when your heart rate is up, your muscles are sore, and the endorphins kick in.

Lenny SnydermanLenny SnydermanDaily Grommet felt that high after a field trip to Revolution Fitness in Boston to test a new cross-trainer called the Helix.We got an intense cardiovascular workout - and engaged some muscle groups we didn't realize were there. And that's just what Lenny Snyderman intended when he invented the Helix. His machine delivers an intense cardio workout that's low impact, fast paced, sculpts problem areas, and, as if that weren't enough, it can be done in just 30 minutes.

The Helix uses a patented sideways figure-eight motion to achieve core and aerobic conditioning, and it's great for cross-training because the movement engages more muscles than traditional cardio equipment. Skiers, tennis players, golfers, ballet dancers, hockey players and other high performance athletes use the Helix as part of their cross-training workout.

Still, you don't have to be an athlete to appreciate the Helix. "It sculpts while you're getting a rigorous cardio workout and that's my style of workout," says Daily Grommet friend Kara Butterfield, who told us about Helix.

The Grommet team was challenged, engaged and slightly sore at the end. Plus, there's no doubt this 30-minute workout could easily fit into a busy lifestyle, and in a home gym the Helix can be stored away when it's not delivering your workout rush.

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