It's Shoulder Season (Here, the Move That Makes the Most of Your Halter Tops!)

First, a story. In high school, I was always super self-conscious of my shoulders. I was a swimmer, and I thought they were too muscular, too big, took up too much room poking out of halter tops and tank tops. I think one time in middle school a boy said I had "man shoulder" (boys can be so mean!) and I began covering them up, wearing bulky knits over bod-hugging t-shirts, just because I didn't want people to notice my non-girly shoulders.

Flash forward to now: We've got Mrs. Obama looking great and rocking her muscles in pretty and feminine sleeveless sheath dresses. We've got whole classes at the gym devoted to shoulder sculpting. AND, we've got plenty of style options to show off our shoulders.

And I, for one, couldn't be happier. In fact, I WISH I could get my shoulders back to my 2-hours-a-day-in-the-pool days. Which is why push ups are my best friend. It took a little while to get rid of all the negative associations (hello, Coach Mann yelling at us in gym class!) but they really do work your arms-and your core. Here's an awesome video that shows a cool push-up variation.

Then, if you've got some light weights, shoulder raises are also simple-and easy. Check out a video demo here.

I just wish I showed my shoulders with confidence when I was a teen! What about you? What do you do for sexy shoulders?

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