Jimmy Kimmel's 'Naughty or Nice' Prank Is the Best Thing About Friday

Jimmy Kimmel figured out a way to pare down Santa’s Christmas list: Hook up kids to a lie detector device and ask them whether they’ve been naughty or nice.
In a segment that aired on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday night and was posted to YouTube on Friday (racking up nearly 51,000 views), Kimmel, who dubbed himself “The Lie Detective,” invites two brothers into his interrogation room to meet with him and “The Truth Fairy,” a.k.a., his sidekick Guillermo, who is dressed in a pink, fuzzy dress with wings. First up is 6-year-old Fletcher, who Kimmel hooks up to the phony machine. “Fletcher, have you don’t anything naughty this year?” asks Kimmel. “I think I forgot,” he replies. The device beeps, so Fletcher confesses to tackling his 4-year-old brother Sammy (but only because he started it). Next is Sammy (also hooked up to the lie detector), who admits to tackling his brother, but only because Fletcher bites him. Though Sammy says he’s sorry, the lie detector buzzes. So, Kimmel puts both boys in the hot seat and makes them kiss and makeup. “Sammy, did you like that?” asks Kimmel. Sammy shakes his head no.  
The video is a follow up to Kimmel’s annual “I ate all your Halloween candy” prank, in which parents submit videos of themselves faking out their kids by saying, “I’m sorry, I ate all your candy,” then letting the (hilarious) tears and tantrums unfold. We'll see what Kimmel cooks up for for New Year’s Eve. Careful, kids!