John Krasinski: "Why I Joined the Fight Against Cancer"

(Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)Recently, I was asked by the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, in my hometown of Boston, Mass., to host its sixth annual the one hundred gala. This event, previously hosted by my good friend Matt Damon, is a night that recognizes 100 individuals and organizations from across the country for their extraordinary contributions in the fight against cancer. All the funds raised at the gala support research, patient care, education and community outreach programs.

I first got involved in the fight against cancer in 2008, when I had the honor of participating in the inaugural Stand Up To Cancer fundraising telecast. Since its inception, this organization has raised more than $161 million. I was proud to be a part of that incredible initiative in a very small way, but even prouder to be a part of an industry that took action to raise awareness and funds.

I'm sure each and every one of us has had a friend or a family member come up against cancer and fight it. Some people have won those fights; others haven't. But rather than feeling overwhelmed by that fact, that this horrible disease affects us all no matter what…amazing events like the one hundred gala show us that we can unite around it! Cancer is undoubtedly one tough adversary. It is strong, it is malicious and it doesn't discriminate for anyone no matter what gender, race or age.

Cancer is not something that's just "happening over there," or just "to those people." It's something that doesn't simply touch us for one day or one week or one month. It's happening every single day  and affecting every single one of us. So we have no choice but to stand up and do something about it! And the most wonderful thing about people like the honorees at the one hundred is how inspiring they are. Not just for how heroic they are, not just for how many people they touch and how many lives they change… but because they answer that one HUGE question we all hear all the time: "Well, what can I do?"

These honorees shattered that question by responding with purest truth. ANYTHING! Whatever money you have to give, whatever time you have to give, whatever simple moment you can change by making someone smile… throw it in the pot! Together every single piece makes an impact and forms the greatest strength… our way to fight back.

To find out more information on what you can do to get involved, go to and follow a few simple steps:

1. Educate - know the risk factors and make sure you and your loved ones follow cancer screening guidelines.
2. Nominate - share your story and nominate your cancer hero for the one hundred 2014.
3. Donate - it takes money to discover new treatments and support patients and families. Even if you're only able to donate a small amount, every little bit helps.
4. Participate - get involved! Get your community involved by organizing a fundraiser or participating in local awareness events. Re-tweet or post news from your friends. Or just support the ones you love who are in the fight!