Joy of Living

One of my good friends Betty asked me what I enjoy doing the other day. After much contemplation, I knew. Reading. I enjoy Bible study , meeting new people. reading poetry , feeding wild animals. reading anew to understand Henry David Thoreau's books that taught me in my younger days to think for myself. I cannot believe what some humans do to their young. Or do not do for them.

I honestly wonder why I like Thoreau's books so much. He lived in another time before computers and such. He was a naturalist. He said writers are usually poor persons. He said we work to provide a nest for self and family and food. This is what makes us human.

Humans were given dominion over animals. I saw a field recently with beautiful horses wearing blankets as a winter storm was coming. Without knowing that family I could tell he cared for his animals. I saw farms with no wind break wall for cattle. They do not care. Maybe they will learn how to be better when they get a few animal doctor bills or loose their livelihood. Distemper is just animal pneumonia.
I have joy when I learn new things about animals like goats will eat prickly pear cactus before it takes over a field and prairie dogs eat roots of mesquite trees so they will not over populate, Some trees are male and some are female. If certain things are not passed down they get lost.
Other cultures off much to learn. We women think alike. We love beauty and life. We love men who are good to us and hate the ones who are mean. We want one husband who loves us the best and will not risk our health by cheating even if we get too fat.

I love learning new things. In the last symbolic book of my great aunt's Bible I read in Revelation six things that humans get punished for eternally. These are the things I found listed to repent of. This means we humans need to stop doing these for our own good.

Our sinful human Nature does not care much for G-d or denies He even exists. It is selfish and materialistic but I could not believe what I read in revelation. The Ten Commands are a yard stick to see if we sin.

I thought murder was wrong and the worst sin. This listed Devils (plural) worship first. Then worship of idols made of gold, silver,brass, stone and wood. Most of our money is made of paper from wood so what is the connection?
Third was listed Sorceries or witchcraft and such, then fornication and theft. We know murder is wrong but why? It is because we are made in the image of our Creator? We are His children? I think so. Since we can take nothing with us when we die, we need to avoid wrongs to have joy in our life from a clear conscience.
To use gifts we have to do wrong or to with hold them is a waste. There are gifts we learn and gifts we get for no reason it seems.
our dogs

Negative thinking is a result of a spiritual problem. How can we change this? What is inside our so called heart directs our steps. We have a shell or animal body. And we have a soul inside that is who we really are that has to be taught and cared for by others to develop. We have to have water and food and shelter to live. Some live much better than others on this Earth we all share.
Travel does teach us not to be prejudice. Prejudice is learned behavior. I was prejudice from humans who look very different from my ancestors until I studied the good and things we had in common. We danced and laughed together. I wondered why our leaders want to have war with their Country. War is just mass murder. I believe the most stupid of all humanness is to have a Country or Nation destroy it's own humans because they do do conform to what humans believe is good.

Why are humans so selfish? There is enough food and birth control to go around so that we can all live in a nice nest. Yet we war because of wrong thinking we are taught as children.
The economic situation is bad. My free will choices helped me be where I am today. I also had to test many things in my life. Lies are wrong and can even cause death. Abortion is wrong because that potential child belongs to G-d not either parent and not to take care of family is very wrong.

News said the suicide rate is up from a bad economy. Why? Is money the one who placed their soul on Earth?
Our children or what we taught this world is our legacy when we die. If you look back and have experience with the most sad word in the human language we call regret, it is time for a change.