Royal Baby Goes On Tour, Needs A Roadie

No pressure at all, but Prince George needs a nanny. Kate Middleton and Prince William are looking to fill the royal role during the couple's tour to Australia and New Zealand in April.

According to a report published recently in the Daily Mail, Prince George's current nanny, 71-year-old Jessie Webb (who cared for Prince William and Prince Harry when they were children) was hired on a temporary basis for about three months, to get the couple started as parents. Now, Webb's contract is ending, and due to her age, she won't be accompanying the family overseas. (Palace officials refused to comment on the matter as of Tuesday afternoon.)

"At this point, it's speculation that the royal couple is shopping for a nanny, however, it's likely true, given the tour will probably be too intense for someone of Jessie Webb's age," royal expert Victoria Arbiter, tells Yahoo Shine.

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The couple haven't publicly advertised the gig (for which the salary is unknown). Instead, Arbiter claims, they'll likely turn to family and friends for recommendations. "First and foremost is Prince George's safety and leaving him in capable hands, but the couple will also look for someone who has cared for members of the royal family in the past, who is trustworthy and someone won't sell her experience to the tabloids," says Arbiter.

And while Arbiter says that a nanny probably wouldn't pamper Prince George in any significant way (sorry, kid), there will still be an expectation that whoever cares for him will ensure he's as well-behaved as possible, to avoid embarrassing the royal family. Of course, a spontaneous temper tantrum isn't always preventable. (Flashback to that amazing photo of a naughty, but adorable 4-year-old Prince William sticking out his tongue while riding in a carriage en route to Prince Andrew and Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson's wedding.)

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Odds are, we won't see too much of Prince George during the tour, which will serve as an opportunity for the royal couple to visit two countries that fall within the monarchy's rule, says Arbiter. "The duke and duchess will be working and Prince George would require too much attention for them to focus on their duties," she says. "It would be difficult for them to appear at a solemn event or do charity work while also babysitting."

As for those rumors that Middleton's mother Carole Middleton would step into the role as nanny? "That's rubbish!" says Arbiter. "Carole is Prince's George's grandmother — she's not the hired help or Mrs. Doubtfire. The grandmother would also be a distraction from the purpose of the tour, which is to celebrate and promote New Zealand and Australia."

Prince George will be the second baby to accompany his parents on tour. Back in 1983, when Prince William was one-year-old, he became the first royal baby to break in his passport when his parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles brought him on tour to Australia and New Zealand. Back then, before the advances of modern travel, it might have taken four days to land in Australia with many stops along the way — an intense journey for a toddler, and his parents, and most definitely, the royal nanny.

It's a tough job, as they say, but someone's got to do it.

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