Kim Kardashian really is fine with her cellulite, except that she's not

Remember a few months ago when Paris Hilton got all bitchface at Kim Kardashian and made the totally catty comment about Kim's cellulite? Well, it seems that Da Booty has gotten a little work done on her bumpage and she wants you to know that it wasn't a response to Hilton's potshot at Kim's body image and self-esteem. Check it:

" everyone is assuming I am secretly hurt by Paris's comments about me having cellulite and I am now rushing to try to do anything I can to get rid of it! Well of course that is not the case! This treatment was done months before her joking around and I wouldn't have filmed the process if this was something I was insecure or embarrassed about! I work out extremely hard and am happy with my shape...cellulite, not so much! Some things are just genetic and no matter how much working out you do, it just doesn't help! LOL...what girl doesn't have a little bit of cellulite? And who wants it, anyway?!"

That's right! It's just a genetic condition, no more or less a moral judgment than having a unique schnoz or red hair. And if she gets it zapped, it's really no different than Hilton's serious amount of cosmetic surgery. Personally, I'm all about the body acceptance, but I understand that these creatures in Hollywood are playing by an entirely different set of rules than we are. Honestly, I tend to give Kardashian a pass since she refuses to take any guff about her refusal to adhere to the Hollywood ideal bottom. It's pretty refreshing, actually. I'm starting to think that they hand out those non-existent butts at the local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

It should be noted that a new study found that subcutaneous fat actually "boosts health" and lowers the risk of Type II Diabetes. So take your cellulite woes with a grain of salt!

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