Law of Attraction: Miracle or Hype?

There's been so much buzz lately about how The Law of Attraction can help you manifest what you want whether it's personal or business success, money or health. It's true that it can help you with the ability to create, but it won't kick in without some input from you.

Actually it's in gear all the time, and we're always feeding it information even when we not aware of what we're doing. It operates on all the messages and beliefs we harbor.

The Law of Attraction isn't a quick fix, a magic pill or an antidote for what's not right in your life. The truth is that it won't work if you don't do anything with it. You have to harness its power by taking action and watch it unfold.


First pay attention to what you believe. Your beliefs serve you every day, even when you're not paying attention. These beliefs are about anything from getting the ideal partner or a glowing career, to opening a new business. If they represent doubt and lack, they will pull in just that.

For example, there's a great home you long for, but your mind says it's impossible for you to have it. Your thoughts and belief are instant messaging "impossible" to get that ideal house.

Every time you think about the house, your feelings and floating beliefs tell you that you can't have it or you don't deserve. Or, it costs too much or it's just wishful thinking, or a million reasons why you can't, most of them imagined.

BEWARE! That's the BELIEF you're sending out. And that's exactly what you're attracting to you, despite your burning desire.

Change Your Default Setting:

Right now your default setting is at Unbelievable. So how can you change it? You have to override those doubting beliefs with stronger affirmations and beliefs that it is possible and is already happening.

Convince yourself, no matter what the current situation is, that you can. Don't let anything get in the way of your new belief or deter you from being upbeat about it.

Be Deliberate:

You have to be conscious and aware of what you put out in the world of intention and possibility. Most of the time, we're led around by whatever our fleeting thoughts settle on.

Those random thoughts usually aren't earthshaking or designed to change you or the world. You have to choose your thoughts carefully. Decide to consciously watch them and consciously override the doubting ones. When you change your thoughts, you usher in thoughts of I can and I will.

Be In The Now:

Yes you can, but put it in the present tense. "I am living in that wonderful home." "I can feel myself living in it right now, at this very moment in time and space."

Make it happen in the now, with your beliefs and feelings, because that's where the mojo is. What you desire is already in your life. Believe it with your mind and heart. If you can vividly imagine it, and believe in its truth, you're on your way to making it so.

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